Las Vegas Permanent Makeup
New inovative advanced techniques by Theresa Garcia. 3D eyebrow, lip, eyeliner, eyeshadow and medical camaflauge scar revision.Theresa coined the phrase "3d Permanent Makeup" around 2003 when she began implementing dimension to the standard flat looking permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup

She started with hair simulation aka hair stroke 3d eyebrows. Now more recently she has introduced her new powder finish eyebrows that resemble soft eyebrow powder. Traditionaly eyebrow permanent makeup is harsh and is obviously a tattoo or appeared to be a permanent marker drew it on. With the creation of these new progressive methods and Theresas artistic talents, eyebrows look holistic than previously.Originally the 3d concept was snubbed by permanent makeup professionals and applauded by body art tattoo artists.

Permanent makeup
Permanent makeup professionals thought it couldn't be achieved and tattoo artists said "it's about time". 3d is probably the most highly coppied concepts in permanent cosmetics.Theresa began having custom implantation equipment manufactured and made a new technique. Using both manual and digital ways of pigment placement, she invented and perfected what is called 3D Tri-ColorTM Permanent Makeup. It's imitated but NEVER duplicated.Cutting edge shading and feathering that can cause optical illusions. One of the most normal looking permanent makeup created.3d isn't only for eyebrows. Blending and shadowing techniques will make eyes look bigger and lips fuller. Blended lip tints can hide uneven lips.

Creative camouflage of scars and skin imperfections using 3D Tri-colorTM technology offers a better coverage compared to not too appealing old cover up method using skin color which looked chalky.Clients who desire authentic 3D permanent makeup through the artist who it descends from are looking for an undetectable result. They need a cosmetic tattoo not to appear to be a tattoo.

 The greater conservative client who likes an even more classic beauty look. imperfections minimized and camaflauged with the best assets enhanced. A bolder look is possible too for a more made up look but theresa doesn't endorse or provide incredibly dramatic or "heavy" makeup applications. The harsh look of heavy dark drawn on makeup will not stand the test of time well and resembles the old traditional permanent makeup style. This is not of her personal style and taste.


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